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Weekly Readings "Secret codes"

B'reisheet "In the beginning"

Noach "Noah"

Lech L'cha "Get yourself out"

Vayera "He appeared"

Chayei Sara "Sarah's life"

Tol'dot "History"

Vayetzei "He went out"

Vayishlach "He sent"

Vayeishev "He continued living"

Mikeitz "At the end"

Vayigash "He approached"

Vay'chi "He lived"

Sh'mot "Names"

Va'era "I appeared"

Bo "Go"

B'shalach "After he had let go"

Yitro "Jethro"

Mishpatim "Rulings"

T'rumah "Contribution"

T'tzaveh "You are to order"

Ki Tisa "When you take"

Vayakel "He assembled"

P'kudei "Accounts"

Vayikra "He called"

Tzav "Give an order"

Sh'mini "Eighth"

Tazria "She conceives"

M'tzora "Infected one"

Acharei Mot "After the death"

K'doshim "Holy people"

Emor "Speak"

B'har "On Mount"

B'chukotai "By my regulations"

B'midbar "In the desert"

Naso "Take"

B'ha'alot'cha "When you set up"

Sh'lach L'cha "Send on your behalf"

Korach "Korah"

Chukat "Regulation"

Balak "Balak"

Pinchas "Phinehas"

Matot "Tribes"

Mas'ei "Stages"

D'varim "Words"

Va-etchanan "I pleaded"

Ekev "Because"

R'eih "See"

Shof'tim "Judges"

Ki Teitzei "When you go out"

Ki Tavo "When you come"

Nitzavim "Standing"

Vayelech "He went"

Ha-azinu "Hear"

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